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Welcome to The Cybersecurity Podcast, a podcast to help people who are interested in entering the cybersecurity industry.

The cybersecurity industry can be confusing, there is no standard path to get into it, there are no standard job titles or job descriptions and finding a way in can sometimes seem impossible. This podcast aims to clear some of the fog by talking to industry insiders about their history and experience, the roles they are currently in and their tips for someone trying to join. Hopefully, people will realise that there is no “normal” way to get in, that there actually are multiple. Also that everyone has taken a completely different journey and that the industry isn’t so complex after all.

Each podcast aims to cover:

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Victor Kahan - Penetration Tester - EP06 - 14th February 2022

Victor Kahan shares how he got into penetration testing. He talks about his early years hacking video games, working in UX design and product management, and his transition into penetration testing. He gives some tips for getting into the offensive side of security.

Victor is part of the at elttam, some of the best penetration testers in Australia. He has done everything from testing web and mobile applications to red teamining. He’s also a huge fan of competing in CTFs.

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Wyatt Mola - Threat Detection and Response Consultant - EP05 - 26th January 2022

Wyatt Mola shares his recent experience of completing a degree in cybersecurity at Macquarie University and getting his first role in the industry. He talks about what to expect, some of the projects he’s been undertaking and his tips for starting out.

Wyatt is a Threat Detection and Response Consultant at Trustwave, where he helps customers design, deploy and operate cybersecurity technologies.

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Rosh Singh - Account Director - EP04 - 4th December 2021

Rosh Singh shares his experience on getting into the more sales focused roles within cybersecurity. He shares insight into what entry level roles to look for, potential salaries and some basic sales terms. He gets into how to spot sales roles from job descriptions, and what to look out for when applying for them.

Rosh studied a Bachelor of Computer Science but discovered he had a talent for the more social side of a career in tech. His first role was in tech sales and has been absolutely killing it ever since. He’s the best mix of knowing the technical side of the industry but being able to work with potential customers to identify their problems and find solutions to meet those problems.

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John Connor - Cyber Security Risk Lead - EP03 - 6th November 2021

John Connor discusses his experience of deciding to go into cybersecurity after an injury, flying to Canberra for interview speed dating and how he ended up at a cool new SaaS startup. He provides his tips on how to do well in a first role, color code your resume and demystifies Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). John is a great example of what could be considered “the standard path”, studying at uni for Cybersecurity and going straight into industry.

John is a cybersecurity expert with a great understanding of risk and compliance. He completed a multitude of different roles, for government and private enterprises as a consultant and as an internal team member.

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Beaudyn Faull - Technology Specialist (Cybersecurity) - EP02 - 16th October 2021

Beaudyn “Beau” Faull shares his experience about how he got into cybersecurity, his tips for resumes and internships, and why he became a traitor and moved to the darkside (sales engineering).

Beau is a Perth dwelling cybersecurity wizard who worked his way up the ranks (without a university degree) to where he is now. He has worked previously roles designing, building and running cybersecurity tools as a consultant and has a background in security architecture. He is a Technology Specialist at Microsoft, where he specialises in Security and Compliance technology. He speaks regularly at cybersecurity conferences and meetups, such as AISA and the Perth Azure Security Meetup.

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A few references from Beau’s interview. Microsoft SC-900 Certification, Microsoft SC-400 Certication, the Unicorn Project Book and the Phoenix Project Book

Simsam Hijjawi - Senior Enterprise Security Architect - EP01 - 2nd October 2021

An interview of Simsam as he explains his journey to get into the cybersecurity industry and how he ended up in the job he is in today. He explains his views on what security architecture is and provides tips for people trying to get into the industry.

Simsam is a motorbike riding security architecture expert with over seven years of cybersecurity experience. He is a cross-cultural practitioner having worked across multiple continents, in a variety of roles, doing everything from cyber risk assessments to product implementations to security architecture. He has most recently honed in on enterprise security architecture in the higher education and research industry.

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About the Presenter

Daniel Hood is a passionate ice hockey player and hot tub enthusiast, who side hustles as a cybersecurity consultant to pay for his expensive hobbies. He has almost 10 years of experience in cybersecurity, completing roles from security engineering, to penetration testing, to security architecture, to managing teams of consultants. He currently works as the Chief Optimist at Phronesis Security.

Daniel is tutoring in a cybersecurity course at a university in Melbourne, Australia and this project is born out of this work.

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